awkwardness-intheair asked:

Me and my bestfriend cannot go a day without making a dormtainment reference. Looks like you guys got yourselves a couple of obsessed fan girls lmao. Also, your The Six series is phenomenal. All of you guys videos are phenomenal. I love you guys so much, so much talent and creativity ❤️❤️


Hug us.

But I wonder what’s the biggest quote from the series so far….hmm..

superduperhigh asked:

You guys don't get enough credit. Outside of the the fucking amazing "The Six" series, there's so much work that goes into pre & post-video production. I'm learning all this from people & you guys automatically came to mind. To be consistently putting out new videos deserves way more than applauses & props. The work ethic of Dormtainment is insanely great. I can't wait to see what y'all do with a show.




170 - “Deep Blue Drake” 

Ever since the last time, Sean’s been banned from watching anything involving Nicki Minaj. Ever. And we here at Revolutionary Times plan to stick to that ban for as long as we live.

He better hope she doesn’t have a cameo in the next Star Wars movie because, well, the Force won’t be strong with him at all.

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